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Our team will assist with obtaining license for your business

Forex brokerage license

Forex is an international financial market where the number of players and companies providing professional brokerage license services is constantly growing. This document is necessary in order to legally conduct financial activities. It does not matter in which country the broker will conduct the transaction – a license is necessary for everyone.

By contacting the WallStreetPartner you will receive qualified consulting services, as well as the opportunity to issue a brokerage license quickly and inexpensively. We will take care of all organizational, legal, and other efforts to obtain a license of a Forex broker and provide legal support. We guarantee an integrated approach to the implementation of our tasks. Responsibly and competently arrange all the necessary documents. Our clients are comfortable working with us. “WallStreetPartner” is a time-tested team working without intermediaries, we do not attract third-party employees.

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Getting a gambling license for online casinos

You want to organize an online casino, but you understand that you can’t do it because of the ban on gambling as an activity on the territory of the Russian Federation (according to Federal Law No. 244). We found a way out of this situation. We will help you open and register online casinos outside of the country.

Experienced employees of the WallStreetPartner consulting company will help you choose a jurisdiction where this type of activity is not prohibited, will acquaint you with the business conditions, subtleties and other small details of obtaining permits necessary for conducting a
business. We will help you get a gambling license and provide legal support.

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Obtaining licenses in Estonia

We will assist you in obtaining the following licenses:

  • Medicines licenses in Estonia
  • Medicines licenses in Estonia
  • Medicines licenses in Estonia
  • Online casino Estonia
  • Obtaining an investment license in Estonia
  • Obtaining a license of a small credit institution in Estonia
  • Foundation in Estonia

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Licenses in the USA

We will assist you in obtaining the following licenses:

  • Money Transmitter License
  • Money Lender License
  • Virtual Currency Business Activity Company License
  • Series 6 license
  • Series 7 license
  • Series 65 license

Creation of a payment system ( electronic money licence)

You need to accept payments from different countries of the world, and you want the procedure to be confidential, without any currency or other control, partially / fully exempted from paying taxes? You need to choose the right jurisdiction to run a legitimate business, register a payment system in any country in the world where you can freely manage your finances.

Employees of the WallStreetPartner company will assist you correctly complete the procedure of creating a payment system and its registration. Choose a jurisdiction, prepare the necessary documents, obtain a registration certificate. After completion of the transaction, you can continue to consult with the company’s lawyers on all matters of interest to you.

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Registration of an investment company

The global economy is developing through comprehensive financing of industries and individual activities. This is the reason why investment companies are created. They accumulate financial assets by issuing securities, and send them to stocks and bonds of promising national and foreign organizations. Registration of an investment company according to the procedure established by law gives the right to legally carry out such activities:

  • dealer – buying and / or selling securities (carried out at a personal account) on its own behalf, subject to the obligation to conclude a transaction at announced prices;
  • management of authorized securities – the process is carried out directly on behalf of the company for a fee;
  • brokerage – purchase / sale of securities under an agreement with a client;
  • In addition, companies are performing depository professional activities, keep registers of the owners of registered securities.


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